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10 dic. 2008

Reberts Music Exclusive Premier Kynt - Adrenaline (Remixes +Bonues Tracks)

After the global success of the songs "Day After Day", "We Can Work This Out", "Makes Me Hot", & "Listen To The Music", KYNT RECORDS is pleased to announce the fresh new single "Adrenaline" from New Orleans, Louisiana's Premiere international recording artist "Kynt".
"Adrenaline" features the most brilliant team of today's A-list dance floor masters!
Remixer's include:
Luis ErRe, Edson Pride, Demu Mix & Flavio Brucken, Victor Da Silva, Ottone, Jeffy Diamond, Da Silva & Lino, & Doctor Riboh
2 new exclusive bonus tracks "Flight Of The Bumblebee" Produced by Jeffy Diamond & "Nu World" pProduced by Kynt
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Email us your thoughts and let us know which is your favorite remix!
"If you believe in dreams..... If you believe in independence and freedom of choice....and share the same passion for music as we do ......I know you will make the right choice and support KYNT RECORDS!
Play it loud! Play it proud!
All the best, KYNT

Kynt - 01 Adrenaline (Radio Edit)

Kynt - 02 Adrenaline (Ottone Remix)

Kynt - 03 Adrenaline (Jeffy Diamond Remix)

Kynt - 04 Adrenaline (Doctor Ribohs Sunshi)

Kynt - 05 Adrenaline (Demu Mix & Flavio Brucken Vocal Club Mix)

Kynt - 06 Adrenaline (Luis Erre Universal Mix)

Kynt - 07 Adrenaline (Edson Pride Club Mix)

Kynt - 08 Adrenaline (Victor Da Silva Club Mix)

Kynt - 09 Adrenaline (Da Silva & Lino Vocal Mix)

kynt - 10 Flight Of The Bumblebee

Kynt - 11 Nu World

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